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·             Our martial arts program is designed to develop the student as a whole, improving all aspects of life.  Just imagine your child a more physically fit, highly confident, self disciplined individual.  What would that be worth to you?

·             We are highly focused on our individual student results.  Our goal is for each and every student to succeed.

·             Our instructors are internationally certified through the Pan American Tang Soo Do Federation so you can be assured you are receiving truly authentic and effective martial arts instruction.

·             Each student receives 1 on 1 attention every class guaranteed.

·             We offer age appropriate programs.

Are you interested in classes for:

 4-7 yrs  7-13 yrs

Would you like your child to develop in any of the areas in the table below?  If so contact us today and find out how we can work together as a team to make this happen.

Self Confidence Self Respect  Self Discipline   Self Defense
Positive Attitude Respect for Others  Integrity   Courtesy
 Honesty Coordination Academic Success   Coordination
 Physical Fitness
Motivation Responsibility  Focus
 Happiness Mental Awareness  Concentration   Patience


Our LITTLE NINJAS Program is a proven program used worldwide & designed specifically for your 4-7 year old child.  It will better prepare them for school by teaching them positive social skills, developing their motor skills, & teaching them to be respectful & disciplined.  And don't worry about your child getting into trouble with martial arts.  We never allow this age group to actually strike at one another, that way they do not learn to be aggressive or use martial arts in an improper way before they really understand what it is all about.  We also teach your child when it is acceptable to practice martial arts and when it is not.  That way they understand the use of martial arts and its boundaries.  At this age group we are not attempting to teach physical self-defense as mentally they are not ready for it nor are they strong enough at this age to really defend against any real threat.  We will however teach them them the self defense of how to avoid situations where bad things could happen.  We will also teach them to have a respectful attitude which will assist you daily as a parent, develop their motor skills at this crucial time in their development, & provide an atmosphere in which they can learn healthy social skills and look up to positive role models.  All of this can be achieved while having a ton of fun in the process.  Your child will thank you for taking them to their martial arts class with us.  If you would like to find out more simply contact us by giving us a call or filling out the contact form.


Flying Dragons Program (7-13 yrs)

Martial Arts training is the is the best way to ensure your child's success in academic school as well as many other areas in life.  The confidence and self-esteem your child will learn by training in martial arts with us will be the single most important investment you can make in their future.  Just imagine how developing character skills such as self discipline, confidence, and responsibility will benefit your child.  They will be the first to raise their hand to answer questions in school, become leaders which will allow them to avoid negative peer pressures, & realize that with the right attitude & focus they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.  Martial Arts students often become honor roll students, team captains, & always live above the negative influences & peer pressures.  These skills will last their whole life into high school, college, & adulthood. 

We offer the most authentic martial arts instruction available.  Your child will learn self-defense skills that will enable them to go through life without being fearful of what lies around every turn.  To go along with that we teach our students the great responsibility of when using martial arts is appropriate.  All of our students know that using martial arts to be offensive or abusive is not appropriate.  We teach children to walk away from physical conflict whenever possible.

Students are also taught how to avoid being put in a position where they may have to use martial arts.  Often physical conflicts can be avoided by just learning a few skills, including what leads up to physical conflicts.

If you would like to find out more simply contact us by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

Call or email to setup an appointment for a free introductory lesson. You are sure to be inspired!

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